Mission statement

At SkiWithFamily, our mission is to make ski vacations with young children stress-free and enjoyable. We aim to provide families with the resources and information they need to plan the perfect ski trip. Our goal is to help families create unforgettable memories on the slopes and foster a love for skiing that will last a lifetime.

Our Team

Our team at SkiWithFamily all share a passion for skiing and a love for family, which has driven us to create a one-stop-shop for families planning their next ski vacation.

John Thompson

John Thompson, a dedicated father and outdoor enthusiast, has always been passionate about exploring the great outdoors with his family. As an avid skier, he was inspired to create a resource that would help other families find the perfect ski destination for their vacations. With years of experience navigating the challenges of planning ski trips with his own children, John understands the importance of having accurate and comprehensive information at your fingertips. Alongside his co-founder, Sarah, he has worked tirelessly to build SkiWithFamily as the go-to platform for families looking to create unforgettable ski memories.

Sarah Martinez

Sarah Martinez, a loving mother and seasoned skier, has been hitting the slopes with her family for years. As someone who values quality time with her children, she realized the need for a platform that would simplify the process of planning family ski vacations. Combining her passion for skiing with her experience in managing family trips, Sarah co-founded SkiWithFamily with John, aiming to create a one-stop resource for families seeking their ideal ski experience. With a focus on factors that matter most to parents, Sarah and John have transformed the way families plan their ski vacations, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for all.

Happy Customers​

We make a family ski vacation planning stress-free and enjoyable for families by providing relevant and reliable information.

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